What is Namicism?

It is a philosophy and way of life that doesn’t seek to change people’s beliefs. Rather, it only seeks to give people the tools to help themselves.


Namicism's unique guided meditations in the videos section will help you help yourself. With them, especially the awakening guided meditation, You can


find peace and happiness

find your true purpose (freedom)

become kinder

gain confidence

gain self-control

overcome fears

overcome addictions

overcome nightmares

learn to forgive others and yourself

Find your own understandings of everything

start lucid dreaming (control your dreams and be aware that you are dreaming)

awaken to Self

remember past lives,


and so much more. You will be amazed at the power within you, at the answers that are within you. Give the most important guided meditation a try - Watch Now


Another aspect of Namicism is sharing the answers we find about the universe and everything. Under writings/knowledge, I share what I have remembered. You can also share by sending me an email of what you remember through Namicism's meditations. 

To email me, click the chat with me on the bottom right. 



I highly encourage you to watch Namicism’s video on the theory of everything, then you will understand that the natural world can be so weird, so weird in fact it allows for life after death, and explains exactly how, exactly what Nam (True Self) is, and what it’s made of exactly. No other theory has been able to explain life after death in a natural way, using scientific concepts and logic to explain exactly what true self is, and how one can have consciousness after this body dies.

Religious people

Be not so quick to think that anything is right or wrong. Be willing to not fear knowledge, to look deeper, to meditate and find answers yourself.