Tenets of Namicism


  1. Kindness is the king of all kings.

  2. Meditate to find your own answers, to discover your own views of reality—awaken.

  3. With Namicism's meditations, change your life.

  4. Be a free thinker. Do not believe blindly, but instead search and find the answers yourself.

  5. Try to awaken using proper meditation.

  6. Try not to cause suffering, try to prevent suffering, and help those that suffer.

  7. Do not seek to change other’s beliefs because everyone is on their own path. When they are ready to change, they will change.

  8. Have conversations with people about beliefs because it helps open everyone’s mind. If they change their views because of a conversation, then they were ready to change.

  9. Do not believe in other people’s religion, philosophy, etc. Instead remember, discover your own through Namicism’s meditation and free thinking. Search yourself. Think for yourself. Do not become sheep or followers.

  10. Follow only yourself; question everything.